Thursday, December 24, 2009

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Spotted Turtle

THE SPOTTED TURLTE WEBKINZ plush animal is one of the higher quality pets available. It is constructed very well and the attention to detail is very nice. The fabric is very soft (unlike some of the other pets available) and it has weighted feet so it feels more lifelike. I also like that they made the edge of the shell rolled so it adds more dimension to the toy. Two thumbs up to cute turtle :)

IN WEBKINZ WORLD the turtle comes with an EXCLUSIVE SPOTTED TURTLE RUG that is really neat and cannot be purchased elsewhere. In Webkinz world the turtle loses some of the body detail that it has in the plush form. You cannot really see the roll of its shell when you are playing with the online version. But it is still a very cute little pet, I like how when you put clothes on it, the clothes are put on under the shell so they only show a little bit, kind of a neat touch :)

Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend that any collectors or new comers to the Webkinz world add this one to their collection. Well constructed and VERY CUTE! The Spotted Turtle was packaged in a plastic bag and then inside of a I received it in PERFECT condition (1 day earlier than expected, so that was a nice surprise too!)
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