Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fisher Price Imaginext Submarine

This pre-school toy is meant to roll on the floor rather than float in a pool or tub. But that's alright, because it has so much for kids to play with. It has a crew of two action figures - one captain and a diver with removeable scuba gear. The top hatch opens and the periscope extends just like on a real submarine. And there are also opening side panels to allow kids to place the figures inside. It even fires two torpedos, which are made of soft plastic. This toy submarine has everything a kid could ask for. With the addition of a few large plastic sea creatures, a child can have an imaginary deep sea adventure.
Our little 3 year old has quite the collection of Imaginext toys now. We just love the quality, durability, and function of the sub. He plays with it all the time. Would highly recomend it along with the Reasearch Boat. I know that he will get years of use and fun from both of them.
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