Thursday, December 24, 2009

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Cotton Candy Bunny (Great for Easter!)

Three of my children have cotton candy bunnies and they love them! The bunnies are soft and they like to sleep with them. The ears are especially soft!

Each bunny comes with a secret code that gives you access (for one year) to a virtual world, where a virtual version of your pet can move around and play. There are arcade games, rooms to decorate, activities, and objects you can "buy" for your pet with the virtual money you earn. There are some minor educational aspects to Webkinz World. There are quiz questions to answer and a math game. There is some money management skill involved in saving up your Kinzcash for that special item.

There are many Webkinz stuffed toys, but this is one of their favorites. We definitely recommend this bunny! The price here seems to be a bit high for a Webkinz toy.
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