Thursday, December 24, 2009

WEBKINZ - Googles

Not sure if it's the name or what, but I just think Googles is terrific! Its beak & feet are super soft and the rest of it is that white 'hair' that is great to snuggle with! My daughter loves Googles! I think the concept of Webkinz is great too!

this is the cutest little guy you would EVER see. he is one of my favorite webkinz.once you get the secret code and type it into the website, he looks really cute on the website, too. for me, he's also a mini pillow!!!GET THE GOOGLES!!!!!!!I guarantee, you will treasure this litle guy FOREVER!!

This is my daughter's second Webkinz and she loves them both! During the day, they sit right on top of the computer where she plays the on-line games, and at night they are tucked into bed with her! She is 8 years old, has other friends to "invite" over on-line, and is already planning her next purchase! Just a really great product for kids!
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