Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Bottle Nosed Dolphin

I love my webkinz bottle nosed dolphin. It was only my second webkinz so I got an underwater room. My toy chihuahua gets a cool bubble when it enters the room. It has it's own cool underwater theme that you can only put in an underwater room. The only other pets are the goldfish and the manatee. I think it is cool that it is the only webkinz that has eyebrows. You can only hears it's own voice at doctor Quacks office. When I got it, I got the tractor and the dolphin fountain. Only dolphin owners can get it unless someone sends it to you. It has the webkinz logo on it`s flipper. It is soft and cuddly. On webkinz it's favorite food is hot hermit crab cookies. I like it also because I got it from and it came very fast. I am allergic to fur that comes off when you pet it but it has short velvety fur that does not come off when you comb it. It is very cuddly and I can not sleep without it. I am my moms daughter named Nalanda Holly Lamb. I named my bottle nosed dolphin Misty. On webkinz my username is Holly515. Hope you like my review!
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