Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Webkinz Husky

If you're having a hard time picking out a fun Webkinz for your child (or yourself!), the husky is really great! The stuffed animal itself is very soft (I love to rub my cheek against it) and cuddly. Though he has a sort of "grr" face, the Webkinz virtual version is a super cute pup! I bought the raccoon first (also very cute and soft!), and the raccoon's responses to me were pretty basic. For example, when I would click on "How are you feeling?" The raccoon would reply, "You take very good care of me." Whereas the husky would say things like, "You and I are best friends forever!" Aww, warm fuzzies! Another thing I love about the husky is he seems to like to make little jokes. I don't know if this is purely random from pet to pet, but my husky seems to be the one who has the funny responses. When I click on "anything happen while I was gone?", my raccoon would say, "I had a few naps." The husky would say, "I had a big party! Just kidding." Last, but not least, when entering the room, the raccoon would greet me with, "You're back! Time for some fun!" The husky has said, "Knock, knock! Who's there? YOU are!" Tee hee!
Webkinz are really great, and fun for ALL ages, for girls and boys alike. The Charms are not as awesome as I had hoped, but the Webkinz themselves are definitely worth looking into if you haven't yet!
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