Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Webkinz Clydesdale Horse

Today Were going to lime tree to get this adoable little pet. I have 12 Webkinz in all and I love them. my little sister who is Dexlexic loves the Website but some times I get mad when they close it down! They have a chatroom...BUT I dosent allow people or you say ANY of your Personal imformation. What a deal! You can feed, play with, and take care of webkinz. And Get this- Santa Paws comes on Christmas, The easter bunny comes on easter, and on Webkinz worlds birthday (April 29, 2005) you get another present! How cool is that!? I would like to say that all the other bad reveiws you have seen are WRONG they have come up with a way to see the log in and log out buttons!
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