Friday, December 25, 2009

Webkinz Pink Cherry Blossom Bird

but I do!! This cute pink bird is my daughter's 3rd Webkinz. She was SO EXCITED--not only is the bird soft and fluffy and just plain cute, but she's pink and she gets along with the other 2 Webkinz who are both cats. "Isn't that great, Mom? I mean, she loves to play with Sabrina and Alexis (don't ask me where these names come from...LOL) AND GUESS WHAT!! I got to get the tree top room!! Come see, come see, come see!" And so on for at least a week. This is all in Webkinz World, an interactive online site with digital versions of the "pets". My daughter is a child with special needs who has delayed fine motor skills. Webkinz World has definitely helped with that! (She's motivated to learn to type--woot!--and has made serious progress with mousing, etc.)

This was my daughter's purchase; she saved up her allowance in order to be able to afford it. We purchased it through Round Table Holdings Inc. and unfortunately, I diddled around until it was too late to leave feedback on their site, so here it is: FABULOUS! They were prompt, they communicated, and Cherryokee (again, don't ask where the name comes from...I just applaud the imagination) arrived on time and in excellent condition. Couldn't be happier.
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