Friday, December 25, 2009

Webkinz Golden Retriever Lil' Kinz Dog By Ganz

Webkinz is great!! It's got everything! It's educational and fun! It teaches money management, because you have to earn money to pay for food to feed your webkinz to keep it from getting sick. And in order to work some of the highest paying jobs, you must complete certain educational questions at quizzys corner. Its kinzchat has sooooo many words to choose from. No swear words are allowed. You can't give away your address. It's perfectly safe! If you don't want your kids using the chat anyway, it has a prental control feature! did I forget to mention that you can make friends at the club house, play games with them, invite them to your house,and even throw a party!?!?! Its great! It's safe! It's fun! It's educational! so whats not to like? This is the perfect gift. I love webkinz world!
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